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Make People More Productive

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Tukuoro is an Israeli startup solving one of the biggest problems big enterprise organizations suffer from: challenging communication, which often results in missed business opportunities and overall inefficiency. This applies to both Consumer engagement with the brand (in store \ online) and Associate effective data transfer - to corporate data store. 

Voice Enabled Kiosk Machine (In-Store Use Case)

Tukuoro technology integrated into a vending machine or a kiosk station to improve consumer's journey while at the store. In this approach the kiosk machine provides various services from product search, in store navigation and self service and support. 

Thales Ticketing Vending Machine

Thales Ticketing Vending Machine

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Associates Digital Experience - Improved Productivity

Tukuoro mobile application provides an intuitive and accurate interface for the Associate to interact with company's services and data platform. Watch this video to get a peak of how report is subjected to the corresponding system. This interface can easily be integrated into an existing brand App.

Field ForceMobile App Demo

Field ForceMobile App Demo

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Solution Architecture

About Us

Tukuoro turns any transaction into voice enabled, in any language, accent, device, platform or use case, emphasizing accuracy, context and security, privacy, touch free and face mask on.

We help corporate organizations make employees more productive and reduce the time spent on data entry.


Founded by a team of professional individuals bringing decades of experienced combined from various technological expertise.

Contact our CEO

We would love to set up a call with you, to introduce our venture and discuss the opportunity.

Email Amir at: 


Tukuoro solution is deployed successfully across various segments and use cases, including transportation (vending machine), mobile field force (salesforce customers), OTT providers (interactive TV content) and more.


Proprietary algorithms developed to support the in-context processing approach of Tukuoro solution. Using Tukuoro, a user talks to the mobile app and all valuable data is being processed and submitted to the appropriate data store, as designed during the quick setup.


What Our Clients Say


Partner Communications

"As a super-aggregator, we have identified that advanced voice search combined with the implementation of voice command capabilities in Hebrew, provide Partner TV customers the best and most complete user experience"

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