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The Voice Revolution. Not just @home. Everywhere.

We witness a huge hype circling the Voice Enabled solutions. Alexa Skills and Google Home – the voice enabled devices; Virtual Personal Assistance for every specific usage you may think about, and even in car Voice interaction system – for an improved driving experience. There are even some discussions about the nature of the voice of each helper.

This is all great.

Seriously. I am sure it is a lot of fun to ask Alexa to play my favorite Fleetwood Mack piece, and Siri for the best Korean restaurant around, and google home to buy something from my favorite retail shop (as long it was not accidently activated by a TV commercial) . But surely there has to be more into it. The change we experience in our interaction with the devices, must be beyond a very cool feature which works in English mainly and could help me turn on the lights.

Technology had made a huge impact for user interaction in the modern times:

We all remember the CLI in the 70` moving on to the GUI in the 90`, right?

Well, now it is obviously the time for VUI – the Voice User Interface, also described by Mare Meeker:

So – why to stop at the Home User or consumer’s very dedicated use cases? Why do we need to have a tailored application to have a voice interaction with my bank or order Pizza through the home device (echo \ google home)?

It is very clear that we witness the birth of an eco system, where a specific device is playing the role of the infrastructure, the enabler, which all must go through it, and it will provide all services.

I am all for eco system, but let’s open its boundaries, let’s allow anyone use an accurate and reliable voice user interface, which can support any language and connect to any platform! Why stop at music player, alarm clock and turning on the light through voice? Why limit to English? Voice can and will be part of the business use case – from improved customers’ engagements to empowering the mobile work force; from the SMB to the global corporate. Now is the time to take action!

Thigh there are many solutions, aiming at improving the productivity of the on-the-go sales person, and the everlasting challenge of the CRM and other platforms with their users’ adoption rates. See for instance recent Salesforce acquisition of Quip – the lack data and information sharing challenge will not be resolved by another form of data typing – which will resonance the same challenge, only in nicer graphics.

At Tukuoro, it is our belief that voice should be easily enabled and provide a great experience for the end users, anywhere they are, at home, in their car, when traveling to their next client visit, when generating report. Join us for the voice revolution, make your app Voice enabled.

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