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Tukuor solution enables a real touch free inteface

touch free

Conversation interface which requires no physical engagement. Make a touch free interaction with any service or device.

Tukuoro solution is innovative ad out of the box solution for a better user experience


Tukuoro’s solution is unique and innovative, easy-to-implement solution with a disruptive back-end technology.

Tukuoro solution keeps all data private and safe


We believe that User Privacy (PII) and Data Ownership are crucial for our customers. This is why our solution was designed to support regulation and privacy rules.

Tukuoro Voice Platform is in context processing the input


User input is processed within the context of each customer, and per transaction. 

On-The-Go Employees'  Data Entry Through Voice

Resolving the biggest challenge of mobile workforce management – data flow. Using Tukuoro for CRM, employees talk intuitively to their mobile app and submit ALL valuable data directly and accurately into their CRM account. Installing and deploying Tukuoro for Salesforce takes a few minutes. Start your free evaluation today – contact us.


Voice Enablement – At The Edge

Implementing voice for the next generation of user engagement, in public areas, indoor or outdoor venues, in a world requiring higher hygiene, clean surface and touch free interfaces. Tukuoro Voice Open Platform API support all your requirements. Watch Thales demo of their TransCity Voice™ and get your evaluation kit – contact us.

Our Partners


Thales RCS, a market leader in mass transportation solution.  Thales recently released it's innovative TransCity Voice, which illustrated the Voice Enabled Ticketing vending Machine 


Tukuoro Voice Open Platform is an Affiliate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies. Read More


The Open Voice Network is bringing the value of standards to the multi-platform, multi-device, multi-use world of voice assistance. Tukuoro is proud to be a contributor.

Part of Conrad Electronics Group, Conrad Connect creates a unique platform for home and office automation. Using Tukuoro for voice enabling smart home \ smart office services.